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 ESS-MODEL: The fastest and easiest to use UML reversing tool on the market!

New! It's free!

With ESS-MODEL you can view class diagrams from your code in the time that other tools are still busy loading. No delays, just drag-and-drop your sourcefiles onto ESS-MODEL and get instant class diagrams.

ESS-MODEL handles Delphi/Kylix and Java source files, and can produce html documentation complete with class diagrams.

Small footprint: No big multiple cds installation. A single 700kb exe file is all that is needed. In fact there is no installation setup procedure at all, just copy the file to your desktop. Loading time is instantaneous.

Affordable: How many other uml tools can you find with a pricetag below $100? Actually, it's free!

Simply the easiest way to get class diagrams from your source code!

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  ESS-MODEL 2.2 is the current release. You are welcome to download a copy for free evaluation.
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