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 ESS-MODEL: The fastest and easiest to use UML reversing tool on the market!



  • Automatic generation of UML-standard class diagrams from your source.
  • Input
  • Delphi (pas, dpr) source files
  • Java .java source files
  • Java .class binary files
  • Navigation
  • Explorer tree for easy navigation of object model
  • Miniature overview of diagram
  • Diagrams
  • Static class diagrams
  • Smart auto-layout
  • Visiblity filtering
  • Associations and inheritance are shown
  •     Installation
  • Single 700kb exe file, no setup needed
  • Other
  • Full command-line control
  • Delphi IDE integration
  • Easy drag-and-drop user interface
  • Lightning fast!
  • Output
  • Preview or generate html documentation with diagrams
  • Export model data to XMI-format
  • Save diagram as bitmap
  • Copy whole or part of diagram to clipboard
  • Download ESS-MODEL today!